Professional Status


Valerie Ramesan

  • Digital marketing, social media marketing, Ecommerce, customer experience platform, hospitality


Director Marketing Technology

2 Digital consulting LLC
Since 2015
Responsibilities completed
  • Assist luxury hotel groups in achieving digital transformation and becoming customer-centric.
  • Build connected customer experiences to create seamless connection between digital and brick-and-mortar.
Detailed Description
  • Defined digital commerce & CRM vendors, mobile platforms/applications, social media platforms for voice ordering and future technologies.
  • Build customer journeys & concept design of E-commerce sites to entice the new customer experience (responsive design/mobile).
  • Assessed competitive analysis and defined target audience to build digital marketing strategy roadmap.
  • Prepared RFP and vendors selection process.
  • Implemented CRM & Marketing automation for personalization.
  • Led Social Media team of 15+ experts to build brand reputation for a Health & Spa Resort.
  • Managed UX, project managers, booking engine & DB developers and other external agencies (SEM, SEO, Media).
  • Developed contests & surveys to qualify database.
Company Description

2 Digital consulting is specialized in digital marketing for the hospitality industry.

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Responsibilities completed
  • Helped organizations deliver the next generation customer experience.
  • Assessed brand digital marketing maturity (Sitecore Customer Experience Maturity Model) to drive performance improvement.
Detailed Description
  • Performed CMS & E-commerce gap analysis for the leading natural foods chain - The Sitecore Experience Platform “connecting the store and the online world” (stakeholder’s workshops, user stories, high level requirements).
  • Competitive market analysis of US retail businesses “How to re-invent in-store shopping experience” (department stores and disruptive e-retailers focus).
  • Developed the Functional Specification for a global Sitecore project - 50 countries.
  • Assessed competitive benchmarking & B2B Ecommerce best practices recommendation for a multinational beverage corporation.
Company Description

Avanade is a Microsoft & Accenture joint venture providing innovative digital and cloud services, business solutions and design-led experiences for fortune 500 clients.

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Senior Ecommerce & CRM Director

2006 to 2014
Responsibilities completed
  • Led B2C & B2B digital/CRM strategy & development to drive new digital revenue. Implemented new IT solutions to increase sales performance and loyalty. Established new digital marketing roadmap to ensure business objectives (Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn, Mercure, Best Western & Alliance Hotels).
  • Implemented CRM/Selligent X@ V 7.5 & 8.0 for 50 hotels (IHG & Best Western hotels) in Europe (key user workshops, business process, KPI design & training guide)
Detailed Description
  • Built digital brand strategy to increase online revenue with new distribution channels for our US & Alliance brands (offline & online partnerships)
  • Redesigned multi-brand Ecommerce portal & independent Ecommerce Websites to increase sales conversion (built site maps, wire frames & workflows)
  • Developed trendy products & online packages with marketing, sales & revenue managers
  • Created & managed content marketing to enhance local destination (landing page, newsletter, blog, social media platforms)
  • Created & launched marketing campaigns (7 brand portfolios & 20 destinations)
  • Implemented marketing automation tools, process guideline & KPI (Smartfocus platform & Selligent SIM)
  • Designed the "client lifecycle" to build up customer loyalty (B2C & B2B)
  • Managed digital & media agencies, SEO & SEM analysts, internal database analysts, marketing & revenue managers
  • Coached and trained local Marketing managers to implement inbound marketing
Company Description

Blackstone Hotel Management Franchise is a €400 million group, with a portfolio of 50 hotel properties in France, Belgium & Italy (Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn, Mercure, Best Western & Alliance Hotels).

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CRM Consultant

2002 to 2006
Responsibilities completed
  • Responsible for the "TEC CRM Evaluation Center" portal with a team of 12 people. Developed traffic acquisition and converted leads to online B2B customers.
Detailed Description
  • Assessed Competitive benchmarking/best practices for CRM market & review of proposals made by 40 publishers (Microsoft CRM, Oracle, Pivotal CRM, Salesforce, SAP CRM, Sage, Siebel…).
  • Coordinated the CRM specialists team, the call centre and IT service for the development of targeted offers and the implementation of specific surveys and measures.
  • Prepared online satisfaction surveys for TEC CRM members designed to assess quality and relevance of the CRM IT evaluation tool.
  • Launched online campaigns promoting new targeted TEC CRM offers (IT training, webinar, comparative reports & if scenarios).
Company Description

TEC is a technology assessment group offering technology trend reports and analysis

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