Professional Status


Valerie Ramesan

  • Digital marketing, social media marketing, Ecommerce, customer experience platform, hospitality


Responsibilities completed
  • Helped organizations deliver the next generation customer experience.
  • Assessed brand digital marketing maturity (Sitecore Customer Experience Maturity Model) to drive performance improvement.
Detailed Description
  • Performed CMS & E-commerce gap analysis for the leading natural foods chain - The Sitecore Experience Platform “connecting the store and the online world” (stakeholder’s workshops, user stories, high level requirements).
  • Competitive market analysis of US retail businesses “How to re-invent in-store shopping experience” (department stores and disruptive e-retailers focus).
  • Developed the Functional Specification for a global Sitecore project - 50 countries.
  • Assessed competitive benchmarking & B2B Ecommerce best practices recommendation for a multinational beverage corporation.
Company Description

Avanade is a Microsoft & Accenture joint venture providing innovative digital and cloud services, business solutions and design-led experiences for fortune 500 clients.

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